Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Challenges to Pakistan

New year 2012 has approached and legacies of  2011 would be standing in front of Pakistan Highway to progress as major challenges. What are the Legacies, which are hampering the road to progress :

Political, Ethnic and Religious Tolerance
         Decades have passed but, Pakistanis are still lacking tolerance for each other political, ethnic and religious believes. political system is in the clutches of few feudal families, powerful business main who are busy in exploiting cult, clan and tribal system of politics. Our minds and hearts are still far far away from national issues, we are not knowing our problems as a nation. We are unable to conceive the impact of international affairs on our regional politics. Killing of Salman Taseer can be taken as an example to judge religious tolerance. Although all major political parties have started their election compains in one way or another, but how to curtail this kind of extremism in our society, is not including in there party manifest.

Educational reforms
       With major chuck of our budget is spend directly or indirectly in foreign visits by bureaucrats and politicians. Ministers and important secretaries are having heavy security arrangements. Country is in swear shortage of energy, and still there is no hope for new resources of energy to be pulled in; what options we are left with for educational reforms. Basic education which should be free for every citizen of this country is still not available or it is so expensive and out of reach of common man. Unless the citizens of Pakistan are not educated they would always fall prey to old politicians, who are making them fool for last six decades.

Economical reforms
       Pakistan is still in middle state to understand his position among agriculture or industrial country. Shortage of electricity in country clearly pull us out of industrial country, how ever, our extensive agricultural items import for 2011, prove us not qualifying for this slot at the same time.

Among these there are many issues and problems prevailing, which can not ruled out for there importance. Still we are sting with our fingers crossed, hopeful that 2012 would bring some new change.

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