Thursday, December 27, 2012

Is it true... PTI ISI backed political party...

1.Pakistanis are innocent and they can be easily deceived, especially at critical times of decision making , just like elections and referendums they are usually an easy target of conspiracy/ and false dogma. Elections are general the best time for non state/ state owned institutions to play with future/ emotions of these innocent peoples. 2. What some considers a break through/ revolution, is sometimes believed to be foreign funded intelligence agencies financed row. PTI, is one of the classic examples in this streak. Fast track hike/ popularity is sometimes believe to be an element of foreign long term conspiracy.
3. Beginning from the roots of educated middle class, consisting of majority of college youth is no doubt a example in its self where century old feudal/ heredity political system has been crumbling on its feet..... Alas some  factions of our society are struggling to colour this SUNNAMI in false pretext.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kabul - Taliban Episode

Small group of insurgents, attacking Kabul Parliament , and foreign embassies remain intact for more than seventeen hours. Although, NATO troops came into action, elite Afghanistan force was in action. This proves one thing that Taliban's are assail force, who is capable of supporting and execution of multiple thrust raids with gunfire, explosives, rockets and suicide bombs withinthe heart of Afghanistan. They are having large logistic back up and accurate intelligence gathering means vis-a-vis  dedicated and trained manpower to carry out such offenses.

Raid on Afghanistan Parliament

This attack is considered as one of the deadliest attack in the history of Afghanistan since 2001. Total deaths including suicidal bombers is 19. Many wounded and admitted are reported.
Ryan Crocker,  US Ambassador to Afganistan believes that Taliban are neither having the will nor strength to commit  such offensive action. He believes that Haqqani network is not only willing to do this and at the same time having political motives to proform such tasks.
EXPECTED REACTION:       Ryan Crocker such statements are having very serious implications specially once we are talking about Haqqani networks, all the fingers will start pointing towards Pakistan. Moreover, once the start over of NATO supply discussion is still final stage, Sihalla Base incident is fresh and tensions between US and Pakistan are alll time high, such facts if proved true are not healthy signs in foreign relation.
Afgan Policeman securing Attacked Shopping Mall

Saturday, April 14, 2012

What was that? Tornado or Water splash

        Imran Khan is the most prominent among-st newly emerging politicians in Pakistan. Although the time had past , but since his cricket career he was believed to be educated, disciplined and patriotic. After a graceful retirement from cricket he remained involved in charity / health projects in the country. He has earned a good name through out that era. Now that he had started his political career with Pakistan Tehreek-e-insaf, most of the educated, urbanized and non feudal population believed in him. Starting from great assembly of crowd in Lahore and then to different cities tour showed the liking he is having among the populace. That was the time once this Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI ) political movement gained a momentum ;
 Although more contributing factors were;

  • Inability of Government to resolve problems
  • Unholy underhand alliance between government and opposition
  • Memo case scandal
  • Swiss case verdict and supreme court. 
These were few among many circumstances, then people started to believe that there would be some major change in political scenario. PTI emerged as a striking force. Big crowed, adding up of big politicians and heavy media coverage were very much clear... At this moment once Mr. Zardai has stabilized the things once again, no media, no coverage and neither there is any tsunami in the way...... God knows well if this tsunami can create any ripples in Pakistan static feudal/business/religious political pond...... Still sitting finger crossed .

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Challenges to Pakistan

New year 2012 has approached and legacies of  2011 would be standing in front of Pakistan Highway to progress as major challenges. What are the Legacies, which are hampering the road to progress :

Political, Ethnic and Religious Tolerance
         Decades have passed but, Pakistanis are still lacking tolerance for each other political, ethnic and religious believes. political system is in the clutches of few feudal families, powerful business main who are busy in exploiting cult, clan and tribal system of politics. Our minds and hearts are still far far away from national issues, we are not knowing our problems as a nation. We are unable to conceive the impact of international affairs on our regional politics. Killing of Salman Taseer can be taken as an example to judge religious tolerance. Although all major political parties have started their election compains in one way or another, but how to curtail this kind of extremism in our society, is not including in there party manifest.

Educational reforms
       With major chuck of our budget is spend directly or indirectly in foreign visits by bureaucrats and politicians. Ministers and important secretaries are having heavy security arrangements. Country is in swear shortage of energy, and still there is no hope for new resources of energy to be pulled in; what options we are left with for educational reforms. Basic education which should be free for every citizen of this country is still not available or it is so expensive and out of reach of common man. Unless the citizens of Pakistan are not educated they would always fall prey to old politicians, who are making them fool for last six decades.

Economical reforms
       Pakistan is still in middle state to understand his position among agriculture or industrial country. Shortage of electricity in country clearly pull us out of industrial country, how ever, our extensive agricultural items import for 2011, prove us not qualifying for this slot at the same time.

Among these there are many issues and problems prevailing, which can not ruled out for there importance. Still we are sting with our fingers crossed, hopeful that 2012 would bring some new change.

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