Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt Seethe

Hosni Mubarak
Events in Egypt are in faster pace for the global diplomats to keep up with. It seems to be doubtful that Mr Hosni Mubarak would be able to pull himself out of present turmoil; riots are erupting in every part of the country. Mr Mubarak has changed his cabinet and for the first time in 30 years of his rule, appointed any deputy. US being an old ally of present regime is in a dicey position, Mr Obama while commenting on present situation in Egypt have state that Mr Mubarak should bring necessary reforms to the country and have asked the protestants to remain calm and peaceful. On the other hand more than 200 individuals are killed and even 1000 injured in this new burst of violence in the country. Police has pulled out, and virtually Army has taken up the streets.
Muslim Brotherhood
At present , the protests are secular and there are no signs of religious parties like Muslim brotherhood, but no one can say anything with surety that when this scenario would be takeover by religious elements. Due to the geographical location and Egypt’s standing in Arab League, Israel is looking over the present situation very closely. In 2005 election Muslim Brotherhood’s candidates were elected on 20 % of seats, however there candidates were not nominated for most of the constituencies. Islamic sentiments are building strong with every passing day. Right now, as we have seen that protests are secular and riots have not taken up the shape of revolution due to non availability of strong leadership, Nobel Literate Mohammad ElBaradei is the most prominent figure and he is not a political figure.
2008 food roits were handled by Mr Hosni Mubarak regime in better manner. Since 1958, military has played very prominent role in countries politics, but as per the sources Army is not happy with President’s son.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blast on Kohat Tunnel

Bulid in Jun 2003

There have been reportedly suicidal attack near Kohat tunnel, damaging the road side of tunnel towards Peshawar. Eight people are killed and ten injured during the blast. Kohat tunnel was build in close collaboration with Japan, it is 1.9 Km long a serves an alternate route to Kohat and Peshawar. No group has accepted the responsibility, however, this route was under strict check by Law Enforcement Agencies.

Friday, January 28, 2011

US Official gunned down three in Lahore

Raymond David
Motorcyclist rushed down
US consulate employee (Raymond David) shot one motor cyclist near Quartaba Chowk, while another motorcyclist was rushed down by his colleague in an attempted to rescue Raymond David. US employees ran away from the site and they were chased by traffic wardens and was caught near Old Anarkali Bazar. Raymond David was using Consulate car with fake number plate (LZN 6970).
Fake number plate US consulate car
Raymond David said in his statement that he fired on the motorcyclist in self defense. A senior official of Police have stated that Us Consulate employees are not authorized to carry weapon as per Pakistan's Law, however he was carrying 9mm Glock pistol with himself, which is against the law.
After further investigating it was revealed that Raymond David is the same individual who was caught near Sharpao Bridge  in 2009, and was stopped by the police trying to enter Lahore Cantonment in tinted glass vehicle.
Author Views Such kind of incidents are becoming common in Pakistan. First Black Water individual were roaming in Pakistani streets carrying illegal weapons, drone attacks are killing innocent Pakistanis in Waziristan and now US consulate employees are killing innocent pedestrians as self defense.  

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Terbela Dam largest dam of world ... In Pakistan

Tarbela Dam is a large dam on the Indus River in Pakistan. It is located in Haripur district of Hazara Division of North-West Frontier Province about 50 km northwest of Islamabad. Reservoir size of some (250 km2) makes it the largest earth filled dam in the world. The dam was completed in 1974 and was designed to store water from the Indus River for irrigation and flood control, and for the generation of hydro-electric power. On May 14, 1968, Tarbela dam was World’s largest single contract for the construction of civil works at that time, the Tarbela Dam Project was signed at a price of $ 623 Million between the Water and Power Development Authority of Pakistan and the Tarbela Dam Joint Venture which comprised a group of three Italian and three French heavy construction contractors.
Power generation:
Total generating capacity of Tarbela Power Station is 3478 MW. However, there are further plans to increase the power generation by 800 MW to bring the total Power Generation Capacity to more than 4200 MW.
Life Span:
The useful life of the dam and reservoir was estimated to be somewhere around fifty years, since the dam's completion in 1976, meaning that the reservoir would have been full of sediment by 2030.Sedimentation, however, has been much lower than predicted, and it is now estimated that the useful lifespan of the dam will be 85 years, to about 2060.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pakistan cannot develop Thar Coal Project indigenously

Thar Coal World 2nd Largest Reserves
Dr AQ view point regarding Thar Coal Project
By the time coal deposits were discovered in Thar, Sindh there was large hue and cry in the media and elsewhere that these mineral resources would thrust our nation with 50,000 MW of electricity for the next 500 years. Moreover it was consider that Pakistan is now holding 185 Billion Tons of Coal deposits, however this perception was wrong there are only 3 billion tons of proven coal deposits of low grade. Shenhua Group of China was contacted for coal mining and processing, they were to provide four power reactor of 325 MW capacities each by the end of 2010. Shenhua was to employee 17000 of local workers and thousands of watts of electricity to national grid.
Dr Abdul Qadir Khan

Last year Chairman of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) claimed that 8080 MW of electricity would be produced by 2030. However, this would remain as a big question mark……. Pakistan has commissioned three nuclear reactors so far, one was given by Canada and two by China. Its been more than 40 years and with the manpower of 20000 individuals and PAEC has not been able to provide this nation with a single nuclear reactor, however the technology is as old as 50 years. To produce 8080 MW from nuclear reactors, we would be recovering 29 reactors of 300 MW of output capacity and as a rough estimate 1 billion US dollars are recovered for each reactor.
Author views
Pakistani politicians have made Thar Coal a political stance and repudiate this nation from electricity as cheap as 5.39 cents per unit. Thar Coal Project would have provided us with the expertise and trained manpower, which could be used in Reko Diq gold and copper Project in Baluchistan. Dr AQ Khan is a metallurgy expert and having 40 years of experience in this field. Pakistan cannot arrange millions of dollars initial investment required for such a massive project. Any project with little experience would result in corruption as the cases of PIA and Pakistan Steels are already in lime light.

Lahore Bomb Blast Killed 11 Individuals

Urdu Bazar - Blast Site
A teenager blew himself up  near the Chelum procession in Lahore. Pakistani Taliban toke the responsibility of this attack. 11 persons including policemen, women and children and 70 are reportedly wounded / killed during this incidence.
The incident took place at Mugharib time as per the on spot witnesses, at Urdu Bazar Lahori Gate Lahore.
 Amount of TNT used has not been calculated yet, however the blast was so powerful that it was heard far and wide , the intensity of the blast was so high that window panels of buildings were broken.
After one and half hour later a suicide bomber on motorcycle stuck police van  in Karachi. As per Police officials, suicide bomber was targeting the police men.
Analysis: Although the objective of Lahore Blast seems to be very clear, as Pakistani Taliban has already accepted the responsibility of the attack, however main players in these kind of activities are still not overt in public. Karachi blast is a terrorist attack, but there are probabilities that due to the present operation in Orangi town and other notorious zones in Karachi is at large, so may be this can be a response in that connection.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tahrik e Talban Pakistan (TTP) banned in UK

British have banned TTP as a terrorist, making it illegal to belong or raise funds for this group in Britain.
Home Office Minister Damien Green told that apart from the involvement of TTP in terrorist attacks in Pakistan, this group was also involved in failed terrorist activities in Time Square.
He successfully convinced the MPs that proscription order against the group should be passed under Terrorism Act 2000, thereby banning the group to operate in Britain.

TTP is foreign funded terrorist group
TTP demands enforcement of sharia in Pakistan,resistance against Pakistan Army and removal of NATO forces from Pakistan, this proscription would align Britain with international consensus against this terrorist group

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

7.3 Magnitude Eathquke in Pakistan

As per US Geographic Survey has said that quake was more than 80 Km underground near town of Dalbandin, Baluchistan (located several hundred kilometers from the Pakistani city of Quetta and the city of Zahedan, Iran).
Magnitude of earthquake were recorded as 7.3 on Richter Scale.
Shock waves were experienced in Provinces of Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan. Shock waves were also experienced from Dubai to Delhi.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Govt not Taking Reko Diq Case Seriously: CJ

Last week known scientist Dr Samar Mubarakmand, who is chairman of the board of Governors for Reko Diq project stated in the Supreme Court" Pakistan can earn 3 billion US Dollar from this project. Moreover, he said that Pakistan is having the mining capabilities to explore the gold and copper minerals from Chaghi Hills. Two foreign companies are in partnership with Government of Pakistan. Pakistan will get 300 million US dollar per year as 30 % of the total share.

Chief Juistice of Pakistan Ch Iftikhar took Suo motto action against the extension for further period of this project. Contract period for two foriegn companies are ending in February 2011. The project manager of TCC informed the court that his company plans to invest another $3.5 million whereas $460 million have already been invested in Reko Diq.

Musharraf condemned Salman Taseer killing

London: Musharraf said that blasphemy law could not be amended, however killer of Governor Punjab should be punished. President Musharraf has been planning to return to Pakistan in 2013 elections. He said that he is ready to form coalition with any political party. He is more willing to join hands with MQM.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blasphemy law in Pakistan

Active since 1860, British Colonial Rule in Subcontinent

Before commenting upon Blasphemy Law in Pakistan, it is pertinent to understand that judicial system in Pakistan has been influenced from British colonial period. Pakistan Penal Code is derived from British Penal Code (written by British Raj to govern sub continent), which was written in 1860. In 1860, blasphemy law was retained in Indian Penal Code under section 295, which provided protection to religious places, sculptures and personage of all religions.
Religious demonstration ( Blasphemy law)
Pakistan is an Islamic State. Islamic Republic of Pakistan uses Pakistan Penal Code to prohibit and punish blasphemy. Criminal Code provides penalties to the blasphemer from death to fine. Under Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Article 2, state religion is Islam and under Constitution Article 31, it is country’s duty to promote Islamic way of life. Article 33 of the constitution it is country’s duty to discourage any parochial, tribal, racial, sectarian and provisional prejudice among the citizens. These are the main Constitutional articles providing baseline to the citizens of Pakistan in their Islamic way of living.  
Amendments and additions.
Criminal Law (amendment) Act XXV in 1927 inserted two sections under section 295.
            i. 295 (A) prohibits "deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs."
General (Late) Zia ul Haq
            ii.295(B) deals with Defiling of Holy Quran
b.           Under General (Late) Zia ul Haq regime amendments were made in sec 295 (B), extending penalty option to life imprisonment; in sec 295 (C), which outlaws “derogatory remarks on holy prophet (S.A.W)”. in 1986, a minor amendment in sec 295(C) added death penalty.
c.           In 1992, once Mian Nawaz Sharif was in government, amendment was made to include mandatory death penalty on proved blasphemer for derogatory remarks on holy prophet (S.A.W).

Monday, January 3, 2011

MQM Sitting in Opposition ....... PPP still seems confident

Before coming over to the confident stance of PPP, first have a look on the National Assembly seats:
PPP : 130
PML (N) :  95
PML (Q) : 55
MQM : 25
ANP : 13
JUI : 8
Independent : 18

These are the main contributors in forming the Nation Assembly house. JUI is already out of coalition due to recent Haj Scandal, and now MQM has also pulled themselves out of the coalition. MQM after breaking up with the ruling government would now seek for vote of no confidence against siting Prime Minister. Ruling Government still holding majority in House with 158 seats. Altaf Hussaian soon after the split contacted opposition leader PML (Q) Ch Shujaat Hussain, leading to the speculations that there would be some change in the House.   
Mian Nawaz Sharif ,PML(N) Leader of the House haven't comment on the present situation. However, one thing is clear any alliance against present government would not be accepted to PML(N) if PML(Q) is part of the deal.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year ....... Year of new Resolutions

 It is commonly consider that 2010 was an year of economical depression, political instability, international conflicts and many many bad happening........ But,  we usually forget that it is we how are responsible in making 2011 an year of harmony, prosperity, stability and many many goods things to come.

Pakistan is already facing weak economy, political instability, terrorist threat, suicide bomber attacks and drone attacks. so how can we change the situation

My Answer

  • Free education for every citizen of Pakistan.
  • Free and fair judicial system.
  • Strong institutions.
and all we can achieve with this is:
  •  Educated Political.
  • Citizens with moral and ethnic values.
  • Stable and prospering Pakistan

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