Monday, January 31, 2011

Egypt Seethe

Hosni Mubarak
Events in Egypt are in faster pace for the global diplomats to keep up with. It seems to be doubtful that Mr Hosni Mubarak would be able to pull himself out of present turmoil; riots are erupting in every part of the country. Mr Mubarak has changed his cabinet and for the first time in 30 years of his rule, appointed any deputy. US being an old ally of present regime is in a dicey position, Mr Obama while commenting on present situation in Egypt have state that Mr Mubarak should bring necessary reforms to the country and have asked the protestants to remain calm and peaceful. On the other hand more than 200 individuals are killed and even 1000 injured in this new burst of violence in the country. Police has pulled out, and virtually Army has taken up the streets.
Muslim Brotherhood
At present , the protests are secular and there are no signs of religious parties like Muslim brotherhood, but no one can say anything with surety that when this scenario would be takeover by religious elements. Due to the geographical location and Egypt’s standing in Arab League, Israel is looking over the present situation very closely. In 2005 election Muslim Brotherhood’s candidates were elected on 20 % of seats, however there candidates were not nominated for most of the constituencies. Islamic sentiments are building strong with every passing day. Right now, as we have seen that protests are secular and riots have not taken up the shape of revolution due to non availability of strong leadership, Nobel Literate Mohammad ElBaradei is the most prominent figure and he is not a political figure.
2008 food roits were handled by Mr Hosni Mubarak regime in better manner. Since 1958, military has played very prominent role in countries politics, but as per the sources Army is not happy with President’s son.

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