Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lahore Bomb Blast Killed 11 Individuals

Urdu Bazar - Blast Site
A teenager blew himself up  near the Chelum procession in Lahore. Pakistani Taliban toke the responsibility of this attack. 11 persons including policemen, women and children and 70 are reportedly wounded / killed during this incidence.
The incident took place at Mugharib time as per the on spot witnesses, at Urdu Bazar Lahori Gate Lahore.
 Amount of TNT used has not been calculated yet, however the blast was so powerful that it was heard far and wide , the intensity of the blast was so high that window panels of buildings were broken.
After one and half hour later a suicide bomber on motorcycle stuck police van  in Karachi. As per Police officials, suicide bomber was targeting the police men.
Analysis: Although the objective of Lahore Blast seems to be very clear, as Pakistani Taliban has already accepted the responsibility of the attack, however main players in these kind of activities are still not overt in public. Karachi blast is a terrorist attack, but there are probabilities that due to the present operation in Orangi town and other notorious zones in Karachi is at large, so may be this can be a response in that connection.

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