Monday, January 17, 2011

Govt not Taking Reko Diq Case Seriously: CJ

Last week known scientist Dr Samar Mubarakmand, who is chairman of the board of Governors for Reko Diq project stated in the Supreme Court" Pakistan can earn 3 billion US Dollar from this project. Moreover, he said that Pakistan is having the mining capabilities to explore the gold and copper minerals from Chaghi Hills. Two foreign companies are in partnership with Government of Pakistan. Pakistan will get 300 million US dollar per year as 30 % of the total share.

Chief Juistice of Pakistan Ch Iftikhar took Suo motto action against the extension for further period of this project. Contract period for two foriegn companies are ending in February 2011. The project manager of TCC informed the court that his company plans to invest another $3.5 million whereas $460 million have already been invested in Reko Diq.

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  1. Government handed over the details of licenses provided to various contractors for mining of this project. Justice Khalil ur Rehman RAmday said that he was doubtful about the state of mind of individual who signed the contract.



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