Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pakistan cannot develop Thar Coal Project indigenously

Thar Coal World 2nd Largest Reserves
Dr AQ view point regarding Thar Coal Project
By the time coal deposits were discovered in Thar, Sindh there was large hue and cry in the media and elsewhere that these mineral resources would thrust our nation with 50,000 MW of electricity for the next 500 years. Moreover it was consider that Pakistan is now holding 185 Billion Tons of Coal deposits, however this perception was wrong there are only 3 billion tons of proven coal deposits of low grade. Shenhua Group of China was contacted for coal mining and processing, they were to provide four power reactor of 325 MW capacities each by the end of 2010. Shenhua was to employee 17000 of local workers and thousands of watts of electricity to national grid.
Dr Abdul Qadir Khan

Last year Chairman of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) claimed that 8080 MW of electricity would be produced by 2030. However, this would remain as a big question mark……. Pakistan has commissioned three nuclear reactors so far, one was given by Canada and two by China. Its been more than 40 years and with the manpower of 20000 individuals and PAEC has not been able to provide this nation with a single nuclear reactor, however the technology is as old as 50 years. To produce 8080 MW from nuclear reactors, we would be recovering 29 reactors of 300 MW of output capacity and as a rough estimate 1 billion US dollars are recovered for each reactor.
Author views
Pakistani politicians have made Thar Coal a political stance and repudiate this nation from electricity as cheap as 5.39 cents per unit. Thar Coal Project would have provided us with the expertise and trained manpower, which could be used in Reko Diq gold and copper Project in Baluchistan. Dr AQ Khan is a metallurgy expert and having 40 years of experience in this field. Pakistan cannot arrange millions of dollars initial investment required for such a massive project. Any project with little experience would result in corruption as the cases of PIA and Pakistan Steels are already in lime light.


  1. In response to the news that a UCG plant in Kingaroy Australia had been ordered to shut down its operations after low levels of carcinogenic chemicals were detected in an aquifer.

    The above order from Australian court shows lack of even very basic knowledge of hazardous procedure used by the contractor concerned.

    The population of thar depends on agricultural crops and live stocks which is a question mark.

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  3. Govt. is planning to build Coal power Plants near Jamshoro. It is not advisable to build coal fired power plants close to river Indus. Coal fired power plants are by far the largest source of fly ash and mercury pollution falls into close by rivers where it builds up in fish. People who routinely eat mercury-polluted fish can suffer brain damage and nervous system disorders, particularly young children. Fly ash causes severe problems, like lowered crop yield, respiratory disorders in humans and livestock, and contamination of groundwater with toxic salts and metallic contents.



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