Friday, January 28, 2011

US Official gunned down three in Lahore

Raymond David
Motorcyclist rushed down
US consulate employee (Raymond David) shot one motor cyclist near Quartaba Chowk, while another motorcyclist was rushed down by his colleague in an attempted to rescue Raymond David. US employees ran away from the site and they were chased by traffic wardens and was caught near Old Anarkali Bazar. Raymond David was using Consulate car with fake number plate (LZN 6970).
Fake number plate US consulate car
Raymond David said in his statement that he fired on the motorcyclist in self defense. A senior official of Police have stated that Us Consulate employees are not authorized to carry weapon as per Pakistan's Law, however he was carrying 9mm Glock pistol with himself, which is against the law.
After further investigating it was revealed that Raymond David is the same individual who was caught near Sharpao Bridge  in 2009, and was stopped by the police trying to enter Lahore Cantonment in tinted glass vehicle.
Author Views Such kind of incidents are becoming common in Pakistan. First Black Water individual were roaming in Pakistani streets carrying illegal weapons, drone attacks are killing innocent Pakistanis in Waziristan and now US consulate employees are killing innocent pedestrians as self defense.  


  1. US state Department has said that such incidence should not backlash the strategic partnership US and Pakistan are building. He further added that US consulate would do full cooperation with Pakistan Government

  2. Raymond David on Friday was produced in front of Senior Judge Zafar Iqbal, who granted six day remand under police custody.Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said that officials have approached US consulates for the handing over of other suspect and vehicle involved in this incident

  3. Apparently most people are going with what is reported in media so far and not all facts are known to us. However, after reading various media sources ( to maintain objectivity ) from different countries here is what I have found out:

    1-American media has reported “ABC news claims Raymond Davis runs Hyperion Protective Consultant­s, LLC, a company that provides "loss and risk management profession­als." If you checkout their web site it seem like a fly by night company that among other small bore services sells things like pepper spray. Sounds like a classic CIA "cutout"”

    2- He was unable to provide any diplomatic credentials/documents when he was arrested by police.

    3- Apparently he shot the guys from behind which means he could shot them in legs or something without having to kill them. So self defense claim will be hard to make for defense team. This also rest on whether or not those dead were carrying arms or not plus claim that same guys had looted another local at gun point earlier would have to be verified.

    4- US consulate and embassy had been reluctant or atleast seem to be delaying to provide information on the people who ran over third Pakistani citizen and this delay or denial on their part in not making these guys look like good guys. What do they say... if it walks like a duck....yes so that is also something US embassy needs to come clean about and return the questionnaire sent to them by Punjab police.

    5- Also, fact that Mr. Cameron called Mr. Nawaz Shariff who no matter what holds no government position makes me believe that US govt is well aware of what strings to pull and get what they want where as what they ought to be doing is follow the process and respect and comply with local law enforcement policies and procedures and let the justice be served. To claim higher moral grounds, you have to show it through your actions.

    6- At last but not the least, sadly yet again I am not hopeful that our politicians will let the law take it course and at the end, some dirty deal will be made. I hope for once I will be proved wrong.



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