Monday, January 3, 2011

MQM Sitting in Opposition ....... PPP still seems confident

Before coming over to the confident stance of PPP, first have a look on the National Assembly seats:
PPP : 130
PML (N) :  95
PML (Q) : 55
MQM : 25
ANP : 13
JUI : 8
Independent : 18

These are the main contributors in forming the Nation Assembly house. JUI is already out of coalition due to recent Haj Scandal, and now MQM has also pulled themselves out of the coalition. MQM after breaking up with the ruling government would now seek for vote of no confidence against siting Prime Minister. Ruling Government still holding majority in House with 158 seats. Altaf Hussaian soon after the split contacted opposition leader PML (Q) Ch Shujaat Hussain, leading to the speculations that there would be some change in the House.   
Mian Nawaz Sharif ,PML(N) Leader of the House haven't comment on the present situation. However, one thing is clear any alliance against present government would not be accepted to PML(N) if PML(Q) is part of the deal.

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