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China Pakistan Friendship, long history seeking for new future

1.   Keeping in mind more than fifty years of Pakistan China relation, most of Pakistanis are still living in perception 1960s China generation. Mind mapping of China, still appears blur images of cheap labor and low quality goods, weak communication infrastructure and steam engine trains; most importantly a country seeking outlet for international market. However, China had been drastically changed itself since 1979, once China was open to international market, although Geo-startegical importance of Pakistan still exist in the region, but international relations are not govern by mutual friendships rather countries are more inclined towards mutual interests. China is a growing economy, at present China India trade volume is US $ 60 billion (expected to be increased to US $ 100 billion in coming years). Pakistan is economical partner with China with only US $ 12 billion in mutual trade.
2.  Chinese economy is gaining growth exponentially, she is internationally competing with US. Under these circumstances, resent developments in South Asian Region have direct or indirect impact on Chinese economy. Keeping this aspect in mind, Pakistan has to re- evaluate its role in South Asia visualizing the future of Pakistan China relations.

3.  Scope of this Paper. To analyze major problems in South Asia related to China in conjunction with Pakistan role and recommend viable measure to improve Pakistan China relation in future.

Areas of Interest for China

4. Gwadar Port.China has heavily invested in developement of Gwadar port. development of Gwadar port of speedy grounds is not only having direct implications on Pakistan, but at same time China is also major beneficiary. Gwadar provides an alternative route and short route to China.

5. Trade Energy corridor. China is energy hungry to feed its fast flourishing economy. Gulf countries are fulfilling the energy needs, to bypass strait of Malacca and squeeze the shipping distances Pakistan can provide  an energy corridor. 

6. Stable Afganistan. Stability in Afghanistan, specially in the back drop of 2014 ISAF withdrawal is questionable. Pakistan is internationally considered as the major player to bring stability in Afghanistan. Unstable Afghanistan is not in interest of China. China is already investing heavily in Afghanistan.  In addition to economical factor, resent clashes in Eastern provinces of China has proven links of Afghanistan based extremist groups which is problematic for China.

7. Taliban Factor.  It is condered that Pakistan is backing Taliban based government in Afghanistan, which is not acceptable to international community unless Taliban-ization is linked with terrorism.


8.  Issue of Baluchistan has to resolved at priority, problems of locals have to addressed in a manner to bring peace in Baluchistan. Unstable Baluchistan will hamper development of gwadar port and tapping full potentials of Gwadar prt would remain questionable.

9. Pakistan has to develop Trade energy corridor till China in first phase and later on same can be extended towards Central Asian Region. Development of Highways, railway link and pipelines are essential.

10.  Afghanistan problem has to resolved as per the aspirations of Afghan people. Pakistan may utilize its influence to stabilize the region  as some as possible.

11. China can no longer provide cheap labor to world, now is the right time to attract Chinese market to establish in Pakistan. This opportunity has to rested at the earliest.

Conclusions. In international relations there are no mutual friends or enemies, there are only common interest. Economical interest is the major bonding factor between two nations. Pakistan Geo- strategic position in the region can not benefit Pakistan for longer period, till the time economical, industrial and market designs are not filled between Pakistan- China.


  1. China–Pakistan relations began in 1950 when Pakistan was among the first countries to end official diplomatic relations with the Republic of China on Taiwan and recognize the PRC. Since then, both countries have placed considerable importance on the maintenance of an extremely close and supportive relationship[1][2][3] and the two countries have regularly exchanged high-level visits resulting in a variety of agreements. The PRC has provided economic, military and technical assistance to Pakistan and each considers the other a close strategic ally.[4][5] The relationship has recently been the subject of renewed attention due to the publication of a new book, The China-Pakistan Axis: Asia's New Geopolitics, which is the first extensive treatment of the relationship since the 1970s.
    Pakistan Web Online

  2. They are best friends forever and they both help each other on any critical situation. Thanks for sharing !

    Best Regards
    Mir Mohammad AliKhan



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