Thursday, December 27, 2012

Is it true... PTI ISI backed political party...

1.Pakistanis are innocent and they can be easily deceived, especially at critical times of decision making , just like elections and referendums they are usually an easy target of conspiracy/ and false dogma. Elections are general the best time for non state/ state owned institutions to play with future/ emotions of these innocent peoples. 2. What some considers a break through/ revolution, is sometimes believed to be foreign funded intelligence agencies financed row. PTI, is one of the classic examples in this streak. Fast track hike/ popularity is sometimes believe to be an element of foreign long term conspiracy.
3. Beginning from the roots of educated middle class, consisting of majority of college youth is no doubt a example in its self where century old feudal/ heredity political system has been crumbling on its feet..... Alas some  factions of our society are struggling to colour this SUNNAMI in false pretext.

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