Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Qadri a sparking light or an hoax

Thehrik e Minhaj al Quran (TMA ) spiritual leader Mulana Tahir Qadri , has no doubtly created alot of fame due to his million march ( so called not confirmed). All though, initially qadri had different demands but the moment he reached in front of Parliament, he changed his stance and demanded for  removal of all consitutional Assembly and at the time demanded for few improvements in consitution.
      After losing the initial support from MQM, PML (Q) and PTI, fate of this long march was questionable. Qadri dual nationality, TMQ being an unregistered political party are major questions in every bodies mind. Qadri seems to be yet an other non state actor, trying to create his place space in the vacuum created due to up coming elections. At some places he is seemed to repeat PTI demand with some new style and strenght.
With no reason Mulana wants to create unnecessary " ARAB SPRING " in Pakistan.....

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