Thursday, February 10, 2011

PIA Code Sharing Agreement with Turkish airline

Protests between disgruntle employees and PIA Administration are still at large, most of international and national flights are  canceled or rescheduled. Main reason for protests are non transparency and bad rumors in the air.
Pakistan International Airline as press released on the issues to resolve major rumors,  first of all PIA has not sold its international flying routes to Turkish Airs. Code Sharing agreement is normal practice in international Airline Business. Code Sharing Agreement , is an aviation business arrangement where two airlines share the same flight. A seat can be purchased on one airline but is actually operated by a cooperating airline under a different flight number or code.
The important aspects of the PIA’s notifications are presented below:
Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), operates 2-3 frequency per week to most International stations due fleet/point to point traffic constraints. In an endeavor to offer daily connectivity to about 100 International destinations from its major gateways, Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, PIA evaluated a result driven opportunity, a partnership that would support a sustainable future, under a joint venture commercial arrangement with Turkish Airlines (TK), an airline that has a large fleet, serves 167 destinations and is a member of Star Alliance.
The plan envisaged will provide daily connectivity for destinations in USA, Europe, Central Asian Region and points in Africa, while connections will also be available for traffic originating west of Istanbul for Middle East and Gulf countries via Istanbul. Tour packages will be possible , as passengers( traveling via Istanbul) with visa for onward destinations  will be able to acquire entry visa for Istanbul on arrival, a facility not available at any en route point.PIA Cabin Crew will serve on board Turkish Airlines flights, Pakistani food, newspapers and in-flight entertainment to a number of destinations served by PIA under the code share arrangement.

This arrangement is agreed in principle in the interest of Pakistan International Airline and its customers; however its implementation is subject to approval of regulatory authorities and the Board of Directors.

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