Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pakistan Government facilitating Afghan - taliban Peace process

          Against the wrong notion propagated by various analyst and TV anchors, that Pakistan is having own designs to fill in the vacuum created by withdrawal of NATO forces in year 2014, release of seven more Taliban militants by Pakistan Government has proved otherwise. President Hamid Karazi visited Pakistan in Aug 13 ( However, he was among those believing and propagating that Pakistan is disrupting Afghan Peace Process) , to request Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to facilitates kick start Afghan - Taliban Talks.

Back ground:  Pakistan has released 26 militants to facilitate same talk, however Afghanistan Government along with its westerns facilitators were unable to reach a break through. Most important figure is Abdul Ghani Bradar , who is considered as No 2 to Maulvi Omer ( Head of Afghan Taliban).

 Present Situation:   Pakistan Government has released0 7 militants including few medium level Taliban. Pakistan has not released the main figure as demanded by Afghan Government. Afghan Government has to  show some responsibility to develop trust with TALIBAN, as they believe that Karzai government is puppet to US.Taliban believe is based upon some ground facts, involvement of India, Iran and other non regional forces have major impact of Afghan internal and external policies.  Afghanistan had already wasted there peace process by labeling "good" and "Bad" Taliban. Still with the presence of more than 50,000 Nato troops Taliban are active in Afghanistan.

                                                    Better Way Forward for PAKISTAN....  
(1)   Pakistan foreign policy is tilted more towards economical revival of this country, Afghanistan is a doorway for further access to CAR nations.

(2)  Peace and stability in Afghanistan would encourage other regional states to use Pakistan as trade corridor.

(3) In last 10 to 20 years Pakistan has realized that peace in Pakistan is directly related to peace in Afghanistan.

(4)  Future world is believed to be battle place for economical giants not about military mights., in this equation size doesn't matter. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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