Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jam Tamachi Remarks in Sind Assembly

Jam Tamachi passed bad comments
Sitting MPA (Sindh Assembly) and Chairman of Public Accounts committee made funny remarks in parallel to resolution passed in Assembly. A welcome move was proposed, for establishment of committee to analyze domestic violence in rural areas. In response to this Mr Jam Tamachi Urran passed in joking tone; " Committee should be established in urban areas to analyze the mental torture faced by men by women'. As a result three members of the Assembly walked out as protest.
Mr Jam Tamachi belongs to PPP, which is having a long history of fighting for the rights of women. In 2010 approximately 8000 cases were registered including rape and honor killing. Same political party claims as the only voice for women rights in the country, and at the same time senior politicians of the party having totally different mind set.
Sexual harassment at work places law was approved by PPP, and the credit goes to them against all the odds by religious parties. Thereby, violence against women should be taken up seriously and their is a need that with good education and social counseling of masses, trend would change.

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