Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hakim ullah Mehsud ... Is he Serious in talks with Government

After the deceased Baitullah Mehsud, Hakimullah Mehsud took over the command of TTP in 2009. His Niab amir deceased in May 2013( New Niab Amir Latif Mehsud is also believed to be in US custody). Government is trying its utmost to start peace talks with TTP, but effort are apparently not showing any results.  Different regional experts believed that these talks would not be fruitful, however, some are of the believe that  Peace Talks' are essential before the start of any military action in future. But what is the stance of TTP ( that seems to be the big question).

TPP Demands. TTP have not come up with any clear cut demands with Government, Although  they had placed few wage demands details are as under.
  • Government should stop all military actions.
  • Drone attacks should stop.

    Latif Mehsud
  • Release of all TTP militants from Pakistan Jail.
  • Stop cooperation with US in Anti terrorist operations.
Although, some of the demands are beyond the scope of Pakistan Government; However, release of militants/ stopping of military action in tribal belts are few action which are under the control of present Government ( But with many major repercussions).

Latest interview of Hakimullah Mehsud with BBC. Hakim Ullah Mehsud brought new facts on the table;
  • He commented that Pakistan Government has not contacted him for any peace talks. He was  reluctance to place his demands through media.
  • While asked about reasons for failure of previous peace deals; he blame Pakistan Government for not keeping their part of deal.
  • TTP will take actions against US and westerner and Pakistan Army because they are works in line with western interests.
  • Even with the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan;he still believe that they want to make Pakistan as an Islamic state.
Analysis of Hakimullah intyerview to BBC. Hakimullah has discussed various points without providing details of clear cut agenda for future peace talks; however, we have to keep this in mind that TTP leader ship is having lose control over 30 factions of TTP.
  • He showed that TTP wants to gain time  to reorganize and establish its control.
  • Wants to establish strong links with Afghan Taliban, and play some important role in ISAF exit scenario.
  • Series of terrorist attacks in Pakistan give clear evidence that TTP is non serious in any kind of peace talks OR they have no control over other splinter groups.

   "First, Establish the WRIT of Government"

"Secondly, Force TTP to Finish Armed Wing and show its presence As Political Party"

"Thirdly, Constitution of Pakistan should be implemented in Tribal Areas"  

"Last but not the least, Bring Educational, Economical, Political and Social reforms"

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