Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Karzai Blames NATO forces for unstability in Afghanistan

Timing for  ISAF exit from Afghanistan is closing up, blame game has been started !!!

Hamid Karzai during an interview to BBC (Newsnight) has criticized NATO forces that they were unableto bring peace in Afghanistan after a decade of war. In addition to this he further expressed that, NATO forces had brought more miseres to Afghan people as compared to remove the terrorist from his country.
Karazai such comments are of importance under such circumstances where there are only six months are left for western forces to leave Afghanistan and he himself is about to finish his two tenure as President. His efforts to bring Taliban on peace talks have been increased manifold in last few month, where he asked from Pakistan to free few important Taliban leaders to facilitate the talks. Although, any efforts don't seems to bring any fruit. May be Taliban understands the dynamics of this region better than western and Mrs Karazai himself.

Fingers pointed towards Pakistan....
Once again Mr. Karazai has pointed ot towards Pakistan. He said that Western forces remained focused eliminating Terrorist sanctuaries from Afghan Villages, but main sanctuaries of Taliban were existing in Pakistan..... May be he just forgot to mention Terrorist sanctuaries existing in Nuristan and other Provinces where Pakistan authorities have already pointed out to him .... 

Fact is vivid and clear, although failure in policy exist on part of Western forces and at the same time Mr Karazai made big mistakes himself by rejecting the existing of AFGHAN TALIBAN.... Now he believes that Taliban are Afghans and they can be part of Afghan Government, but he was unable to visualize this for last one decade himself
  • Aligning Afghanistan with India has not been fruitful for eliminating extremism in his country,rather it was a major cause that increased the role of non state actors.
  • Following the foot steps of Western powers ( no talks with terrorist) was not a good policy, he should have realize that, Pashtun are major ethnic entity in Afghan society and they have backing/ liking for Taliban 
  • Afghanistan may have weak government, but still she has to stop " Looking outward policy" to solve their domestic issues.
  • Atone place he is asking help from Pakistan to start peace talks with Afghan Taliban, but at the same time he is blaming Pakistan having Taliban presence in their homeland. this dual policy will not bear fruits.
  •  He should admit that Terrorist sanctuaries exist in Afghanistan, which are causing problems in Pakistan. This problem is related to both countries and once western forces leave this region ; Pakistan and Afghanistan would be left with to solve this issue.So, it is come problem have to be solved in collective manner.

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