Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Militants OR No Militants

Militants attacked and target killed more than hundred in small town of Northern Nairobi, Boko Haram accepted the claim. More than sixty were made hostage in Westgate mall in Kenya and latter on many were killed Al Shabab warned the world and Kenya to stay out of Somalia. Again Boko Haram has shown its presence by killing dozens of students. Blasts in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and ma
ny other Muslim countries have the same fate. Muslims are so eager to kill Muslims to create Islamic state. Driving non Muslims away from Islam, those who believed in Islam as an peaceful religion are afraid of us and consider Islam as a synonym to terrorism. Fanaticism, extremists or terrorist what all name we want to share for them can not serve the purpose. Who are they !!!! they are our own creation; at some point in time our wrong decision ,manipulated, decisions and crooked decisions have created or facilitated in creating them. We can not over look them, if not part of our system; even then they are shadow of our corruption. Isolating Mullahs, Qarri and Madrassa students by ignoring them,, we are creating hate in society. These fanatics and extremists are nothing more then than birth of this hatred. Isolation is not a cure and acceptance is not that easy. Our pain and suffering is a fact, but they are passing through a period of humiliation and suffering. They need knowledge, wisdom and acceptance. Government, society and individuals have to make them part of this society; then it would be possible that they would save this society. We are privileged ; we live free. for them its not option. freedom of thoughts and action is not common for them, they cannot choose there friends and enemies. It is only the will and wish of those actors who are having command of their minds. Lets not share hatred for those innocent mind and body who is poisoned by wicked minds: Just pray for them and help them

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