Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Afghanistan Intelligence Agencies creating unrest in Afghanistan

Good step was taken by Pakistan Top Brass by having a combine meeting of Military and Civil Heads in relation to Pakistan National Security issues. Although, Terrorist attacks are in increase, Karachi unrest still exist and Talks with TTP are still not showing any way ahead. It was important to show to all foreign and non state actors that Government and military are on the same page, once dealing with miscreant.
During this meet, various matters of military nature were discussed like posting and promotions of Top military brass, issue was Afghanistan intelligence agency ; KHAD (Khadamat-e Aetla'at-e Dawlati) was also discussed;

This is  no more a hidden fact that KHAD his its involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan; This fact placed Hamid Karzai in very dubious situation. Either he is having no control on his government institutions even after having two terms in president office OR may be his Foreign policy towards Pakistan is based upon unfriendly relations. In both the cases, his statement that NATO forces are responsible for instability in Afghanistan ( As these forces carried out operations in Afghan villages instead of attacking Pakistan Tribal areas) has become questionable. 
What Mr Karazai Wants??
As a President he should have futuristic plan for his country; creating hatred in region will move back Afghanistan to decade back !!!! Indian Intelligence Agencies heads visit to Afghanistan and involvement of India and Afghanistan in unrest in Pakistan is not a matter of surprise .

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