Sunday, November 3, 2013

US drone killed Hakimullah Mehsud; Sabotage Peace Talks

Hakim Ullah Mehsud
Legal standing of US drones strikes in Waziristan agency (Pakistan) is a big question widely discussed in international forums. Now, same strikes have made US standing in establishing peace in this region dubious. Killing of Hakimullah Mehsud, through drone strike was apparently a serious attempt to derail peace process initiated by Pakistan Government. Series of other event like capturing of Latif Mehsud ( second in hierarchy) by US forces are his was not killing of one individual rather it was killing of peace process. During visit of secretary of state, Karry Lugger Government of Pakistan informed him that any drone strike in Pakistan would seriously effect Pakistan's efforts to bring stability in Pakistan-Afghanistan region. Starting of dialogue process had created ripples in loosely organized factions of TTP. Punjabi Taliban commander, Asmaatullah Mauvai was ready for unconditional talks with Government going totally against Hakumullah Mehsud. A few weeks ago, Mohmmad agency TTP commander warned Hakimullah that any negotiations with Government would force him to delink from TTP. Dialogues created split between insurgent groups, but there are spoilers who have there hidden interests; trying to derail peace process. US exit plan from Afghanistan in early time frame was conflicting with Pakistan - TTP peace process. Terrorist groups having peace with Pakistan were believed to be concentrating more towards Afghanistan, thereby, effecting smooth withdrawal of US forces. Pakistani nation have sacrificed more than 50000 lives due to terrorism is still labeled as supporting terrorist groups. Question arise in every mind, why Hakimullah was not targeted in past few months, once comprehensive intelligence was shared by Pakistan Government about his presence in Afghanistan, again stated by Ch Nisar during his press conference.
Interior Minister- Ch Nisar
fostering this conspiracy theory. Pakistan foreign minister Ch Nisar during his press conference clearly stated that, t
  • TTP will announce new leadership, dialogue process would delayed for some time. 
  • TTP will respond in terrorist act on limited or bigger scale (depending upon there strength).
  • Government will to resort to military action in tribal belt, to control the fall out of this event. 
  • TTP will further break up in smaller groups with less control by central leadership. 
  • Chances of internal clashes between TTP factions for control of funds, which is held by central leadership. 
  • Peace Talks with small groups would be successful, which may create a mutual trust environment

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