Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fazl Ullah the New TTP leader - Best Choice

Fazl Ullah
After Bait ullah and Hakim Ullah now it is Fazl Ullah's turn to head TTP. Famous as butcher of swat, mullah radio and got international recognition from Malala incidence.  Fazl ullah is an excellent choice for those interested to sabotage " Pakistan and TTP peace talk". He has publicly announced that TTP will never dialogue with Pakistan Government,as per his believe Pakistani Government is US slave. In a sense, this good for every other person who still having some doubt that TTP are interested in implementing Sharia. Fazl Ullah had already got a chance of implementing (His own ) Sharia. TTP have proved themselves as Muslims by birth with no Islamic understanding. Fazl Ullah escaped from Pakistan after Army action and now hiding in Afghanistan; Us drones can hit well guarded and fully informed Hakim Ullah with notorious timings; but US radars  were unable to detect Fazl Ullah for so many years. US drone are believed to be fitted with US interest Seeker sensors.
        Approximately, six months are left for wdr of major NATO forces from Afghanistan. Dialogue process between Afghan Taliban and Afghan Government bared no fruit. US drones staying in the region, creating more deli ma for Pakistan.  Fazl Ullah, new head of TTP is golden caping in whole process of PEACE.
        "Peace Process OR Dialogues" with TTP seems to be out of question, as TTP already had lose control over other factions. Is I have already stated that, Hakim Ullah was never interested in dialogues with Pakistan Government, I only wanted to gain time. Either TTP is re organized again and well  funded by Indians or US; OR may be Fazl Ullah wanted to gain control over TTP ( he is non Mehsud - as bulk of Taliban support is from Mehsuds). TTP is not in strength, by the blessing of Al mighty no reports about any major blasts in Pakistan has been reported yet.
        But, Dialogue was a good option placed in front of Talibans, this may create some splinter cells and unity TTP could easily be gauged. Rewarding and with effective rehabilitation of these groups, Pakistan Army  would be required to engage less targets with minimum time.

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