Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Karzai - Obama Bilateral Security Agreement

      Bilateral Security Agreement between US and Afghanistan  Government is essential. To keep the stability and to carry out surgical strikes against any militia activities in Afghanistan, US wants 15000 troops to remain station in Afghanistan.
President Karzai no doubt is US most important and unpredictable ally. For smooth and peaceful withdrawal of US/ ISAF troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014
       Hamid Karzai has made the agreement so controversial and confusing, that at time it seemed non negotiable. At times he stated that criminal cases would be taken up against US troops involved in war crimes and at another point he asked for formal apology from US President. On his recommendation, The Jirga of 2500 Chieftains, politicians and tribal elders was convened. It was again a set back for him as he believed that his hand picked jirga members will follow  his lead, but it went other way.
      But Karzai, in his final remarks to the four-day meeting, said "he would not sign it until after a presidential election due next April", The Express Tribune Nov 2013. This agree would bring peace to Afghanistan and it would facilitate smooth withdrawal of US troops; so it is win win situation for both nation.

Significance of Bilateral Security Agreement: What challenges Afghanistan is facing and what are the Benefits available for Afghan-US.
  • Peace and Stability in Afghanistan as Afghan National Army is not having requisite capacity against militant groups.
  • Smooth Pull out of ISAF/ US forces, which is essential for US as face saving measure. They have to bring 12 years war to some logical conclusion.
  • Presidential elections are expected in April 2014 in Afghanistan, conduct of these elections in conducive environment is essential to strengthen diplomacy in Afghanistan.



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